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Posted by Melissa Bendtsen on

My definition of what skincare fillers are may seem a little different than most, but that is for good reason.  Some people may not even realize that most skincare products have problematic filler ingredients added.  When you see a long list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce or you don’t know what they are; that is not a good sign that they are nourishing for the skin. In my experience, and in my opinion, they will hinder healing and keep skin in an irritated state rather than moving it in a beneficial cellular direction.  However, I take it a step further with what I consider to be “fillers.”  

Most holistic, “natural,” or mass-produced commercial products on the market have cheap, poor quality oils or other undesirable and known irritants/pore-clogging ingredients which make up the majority of the ingredients with only a very small percentage of favorable ingredients; they don’t mention this.  Oftentimes they overcharge consumers for these products that contain unnecessary and in some cases ingredients that can be detrimental to your skin.  These are what we consider “filler” ingredients and in my opinion, included only to increase their margins. I’ve also found that many products, even though they may contain beneficial healing oils or ingredients, degrade very quickly depending on quality; some of which should be refrigerated or they may turn rancid, such as Hemp Seed oil.  This is a lovely oil, but quality matters with this one, and you never know what you will get when you see it on an ingredient list. Also, something shocking that I see all the time are products with ingredients that are known skin irritants that can cause sun sensitivities.  I’ve even seen these “beneficial ingredients” on the labels and/or product packaging and it boggles my mind.  What are they thinking!!

Ingredients matter and should only be there if there’s a purpose and benefit to your skin. Using my education, experience, and my own personal challenges with skin sensitivities and acne, I have been able to identify the good ingredients from the bad and the healthy from the harmful.  This has been my journey and my motivation which started me on my path to create clean,  healing products, safe for all skin types to enjoy.

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